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Take The Pledge

"As a real estate professional, I hereby pledge to always provide my client with complete transparency and disclosure throughout the buying and selling process. I pledge that any information concerning commission shall be verbalized and documented to the clients I serve. By providing this transparency to my clients, “they” shall have complete discretion on homes they wish to see as well as homes they may choose not to view in cases where no cooperative compensation shall be offered thus leading to potential costs of services being paid by my client, the buyer. Furthermore, I pledge to educate my selling clients on the value of offering cooperative compensation. I understand and agree that a willing seller who is offering cooperative compensation is allowing their home to be more marketable to potential buyers and is allowing the buyer to purchase a property without having to potentially pay for their buyer agent services out of pocket. By encouraging cooperative compensation, my sellers will have a greater chance of success selling their home at the highest value the market can bring. I will always advocate for the offering of cooperative compensation for the greater good of the transaction."

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