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Protecting Consumers

Protecting Our Industry

Our Mission

Our mission with the “Take the Pledge” movement is to educate our community of realtors and loan officers on the importance of offering cooperative compensation in a real estate transaction. By providing our buying clients with full transparency and full disclosure, they will have discretion on selecting which property is best suited for them. For our sellers, educating them on the importance of cooperative compensation in order to attract as many potential buyers to the table as possible. More specifically, those who may not have the funds or are not willing to pay out of pocket for representation. By educating our buyer’s and seller’s they and giving them full transparency upfront we will all have the greatest opportunity for success in our transaction.

“I developed the pledge to enable real estate agents to enlighten sellers about the significance of cooperative compensation, thereby maximizing the potential outcomes of marketing a home. The pledge was conceived to unite our community of agents and lenders in solidarity for the benefit of our consumers.”

Why Take the Pledge?

Taking the pledge is more than a commitment to fairness; it’s a step towards shaping a more collaborative and ethical real estate market. By pledging, you join a movement of professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of transparency and equity in our industry.

Join Our Community

Beyond the pledge, we invite you to become part of our Facebook group, an active community where agents, brokers, and lenders collaborate, share experiences, and foster a culture of support and advancement.

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